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Why use for your project?

Getting you planning permission is our number 1 priority

We’ve been providing the UK’s best priced and fastest bat surveys for over 10 years. In that time, our clients have never failed to obtain planning permission where they have followed our advice to the letter.

The reason for this is very simple…

In the time that we’ve been operating we’ve seen just about every bat related issue you could imagine. Big and small, from the depths of the Highlands, to south and west Wales and right down to the tips of Cornwall and Kent. We’ve worked with planning authorities all over the country and our super star ecologists are well known to them.

Here’s what a recent client in Hampshire had to say about his experience with

Bat Survey Hampshire

Do you only do bat surveys?

Our ecologists specialise in surveying for bats in buildings and trees. Whether reports are required by local councils for planning permission or for licence applications to Natural England and Natural Resources Wales, you can be assured that no one does it better.

We do something like 50 surveys a week, all over the UK, so there’s always one of our bat experts working local to you, and this is how we achieve our ultra-competitive, fixed fees: by tying your project in with one we have on already we can minimise

What types of bat work do you offer?

Survey Stage 1 – Preliminary bat roost assessment.

Also called an initial walkover survey. This survey is normally required for all projects. It can be done all year and therefore doesn’t delay your project at all.

Survey Stage 2 – Bat emergence and re-entry survey.

Also called nocturnal, dusk and dawn surveys. This survey is generally only required in the minority of cases where the PRA stage wasn’t conclusive enough to rule out bat occupation or use. It is seasonally restricted (May to August) and can delay your project by months if you leave it too late; so get in touch today!

Do you use your own staff or subcontractors?

We operate using a mix of directly employed bat surveyors and reliable subcontractor ecologists. Our subcontractors offer us extremely preferential rates and timescales because of the long-standing relationships we have with them (and the volume of work we can give them). They have all been vetted and have all the requisite qualifications, experience and licences to survey for bats in the UK.

How do I book my bat survey and what happens next?

It’s very simple.

  1. Request a quote using the form above. Someone will come back to you in a few hours.
  2. Pay over the phone or send back our signed terms and conditions (either will secure you a slot).
  3. You will be contacted by someone local to you (so from Hampshire, if you’re in Hampshire for example) who will introduce themselves and arrange to come out to your site.
  4. The service is completely seamless from start to finish. All surveyors will present at your site with company identification and the requisite PPE to comply with Health and Safety Legislation and manage the COVID-19 risk.
  5. Post survey, you can expect your report in a few days.